Consulting and Development

Explore our expertise in consulting, integration, and development, specializing in solutions crafted around Oracle, JD Edwards, NodeJS, React, and Open-Source technologies. Dive deeper into our comprehensive range of services on this page.

Liberty Framework is our latest innovation in software development. It goes beyond traditional tools for web application development; it's a comprehensive low-code/no-code framework designed to empower you to build with freedom and efficiency.

Expertise / Skills


Unlock the full potential of your projects with our expertly crafted solutions and unparalleled skills. Dive into the details of our expertise and capabilities below.



We specialize in defining architectures, handling installation, migration, and support tasks, developing migration methodologies and plans, conducting feasibility studies, assessing functional and technical impacts, optimizing deployment and administration procedures, performing audits and platform stabilization, conducting performance testing, troubleshooting issues, managing service pack updates and patches, and enhancing application servers


Technical skills

We excel in custom development using JD Edwards, PHP, JAVA, NodeJS, Oracle JET and React. Additionally, we specialize in integrating third-party applications and interfaces through SOA, ETL, and more. Furthermore, we are adept at implementing and customizing Open Source products like React, NextJS, Talend, Spark, Airflow, NextCloud


Business Intelligence

Our proficiency extends to Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Business Intelligence, as well as Talend or Apache Spark. We offer comprehensive services including installation, migration, and support. Moreover, we specialize in analyzing and modeling data warehouses, developing ETL processes, and crafting impactful dashboards and reports.


Docker and Kubernetes

Empower your infrastructure with our expertise in container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. From seamless deployment to efficient scaling, we specialize in harnessing the full potential of containers to optimize your operations and propel your projects forward


Cloud Computing

Elevate your business to new heights with our mastery of cloud architectures, including Oracle OCI and AWS. From designing resilient and scalable infrastructures to implementing cost-effective solutions, we specialize in leveraging cloud technology to drive innovation and maximize efficiency for your organization's success.

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