Package Deployment Considerations for JDEdwards EnterpriseOne 24/7 Operations

Recurring question : users should be disconnected to deploy a package?

There is many considerations to take in account for answering this question. If the package contains only versions or UDO, there is no problem to deploy even if users are connected. But if the package contains applications, UBE (template), BSFN and so on, then users should be disconnected.

This document deals with the ability to deploy a package without disturbing End Users. Architecture should evolved to allow that

Oracle JDEdwards EnterpriseOne customers whose businesses run around the clock (24/7: twenty four hours a day, seven days a week) may consider using high availability solutions. Oracle JDEdwards does not explicitly support high availability ‘active-active’ load balancing cluster solutions for the JDEdwards Enterprise Server (application/logic/batch server). These types of solutions rely heavily upon the use of specially architected third-party hardware and software products. That said, there are many Oracle customers who run both JDEdwards EnterpriseOne JAS/HTML and application servers in a high availability cluster arrangement. In many cases 24/7 customers use a network appliance to NAT the IP address of a logical cluster hostname to individual backend node servers. This document does not discuss the
configuration details (e.g. sticky IP) necessary to use or a network appliance for clustering, rather it is intended to convey JDEdwards EnterpriseOne support and maintenance considerations.

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